Can You Bring A Massage Gun On A Plane? High-Flying Muscle Relief

Are you a frequent traveler who suffers from sore muscles and aches after long flights? If so, you may have considered packing your trusty massage gun in your carry-on bag. But wait, can you bring a massage gun on a plane?

Short answer: Yes you can! But there are some rules and guidelines you must follow.

The good news is that we have done the research for you. In this article, we’ll share our insider knowledge of TSA rules so that you can bring your muscle-relieving friend with you on your next trip.

Not only that, we’ll also provide you with some tips for traveling with a Theragun, one of the most popular massage guns out there.

And for the cherry on top, we’ll recommend the best massage gun for travel.

So buckle up, and let’s ensure you have a pain-free journey ahead!

Benefits of Bringing a Massage Gun on Your Travels

If you’re someone who travels frequently, then you know that long journeys and extended periods of sitting can cause muscle soreness and pain. Luckily, massage guns are here to save the day!

These awesome health devices are not only great for athletes or fitness enthusiasts, but also for anyone who wants to relieve sore muscles and enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of their own home.

But why limit the benefits of massage guns to just at home? If you’re undergoing treatment and need regular massage therapy, bringing your massage gun with you on your travels could be a game-changer.

Massage guns are relatively small and travel-friendly. Their size makes it easy to pack them into a suitcase or even a backpack, and their weight, which usually does not exceed 2-3lbs, is not a problem, even with airlines’ luggage limits.

Massage gun is a convenient and efficient way to keep up with your treatment routine while on the go.

But that’s not all, owning a massage gun has many other benefits as well. It can improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and even help with stress and anxiety ​1–3​.

In short, massage guns are a versatile and powerful tool that can provide numerous benefits for those who travel or simply want to take care of their bodies.

So why not bring your massage gun along on your next adventure and experience the benefits for yourself?

That said, there is one type of travel we need to look at in more detail, and that’ i’s flying. This is because flying comes with a lot of restrictions and regulations, especially when it comes to the baggage you can carry.

Can You Bring a Massage Gun on a Plane?

In general, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows you to carry a massage gun on a plane, but there are some restrictions and guidelines you should be aware of.

Here is exactly what you can find on the TSA website ​4​ regarding massagers:


Carry On Bags: ✓ Yes

Checked Bags: ✓ Yes

! The final decision rests with the TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through the checkpoint.

Firstly, it’s important to remember that massage guns are electronic devices, so all the rules that apply to any electronic device also apply to massage guns. For the record, these rules include the general prohibition on electronic devices during takeoff and landing or when the seat belt sign is on.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the specific guidelines for bringing a massage gun on a plane.

Size and Weight

Fortunately, there are no specific size or weight restrictions for massage guns, because they are inherently small devices, we guess.

But remember, it’s always a good idea to check with your airline for any specific requirements they may have for electronic devices.

While airlines do not regulate the size or weight of a massager, it can make a difference when packing our baggage. It is much easier to pack a mini massager like the Ekrin Bantam than a full-size Theragun Pro.

Carry-on or Checked Baggage

Massage guns can be carried in either your checked luggage or your carry-on bag.

If you’d like to bring your massage gun with you on a flight and enjoy its benefits, it’s a great idea. You can pack it in your carry-on bag and take it on board without any issues.

On the other hand, if you simply want to transport it, you can pack it in your checked luggage (with the exception of batteries; more on that below.)

Just make sure it’s turned off and properly protected to prevent any unintentional activation or damage.

Battery: Removable vs. Built-in. What’s the Hassle?

When it comes to massage guns, the type of battery they use can make a big difference in terms of travel.

Built-In Battery

If the massage gun has a non-removable battery, it can be packed in either checked or carry-on baggage. No problems here.

Removable Battery

90% of massage guns these days have non-removable batteries. However, there are not many popular massage guns with removable batteries.

Some examples include the Theragun Pro (4th and 5th generation), all Hypervolts except for the Go and the gray Hypervolt 2, Achedaway Pro, RecoverFun Plus, Lifepro DynaFlex, and Lifepro Sonic.

Massage guns with removable battery.

So if your massage gun has a removable lithium metal or lithium ion battery, it must be packed separately from the device and placed in your carry-on baggage, as they are always prohibited in checked baggage.

The battery should be placed in a plastic bag and kept away from other metal items, such as keys, to prevent a short circuit.

Note Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries are restricted to a maximum rating of 100 watt-hours (Wh) per battery ​5,6​. However, there is no need to worry as to our knowledge, there are no massage guns with such a large battery.

Learn More

Most brands list the battery size in mAh (like 2600mAh), so it’s worth knowing the conversion factor between watt-hours (Wh) and milliampere-hours (mAh) depends on the voltage of the battery. Knowing this, we can calculate the Wh of our massage gun just to double check if it is within the limit.

The formula is:

(mAh) x (V) / 1000 = (Wh)

So for the 3.7V battery, the 2600mAh massager has 9.62Wh.

And if we want to check the mAh limit, if the battery has a voltage of 3.7V, then the 100Wh limit means:

100 Wh x 1000 / 3.7 V = 27,027 mAh

That’s a lot.

X-Ray Screening

If you carry on your massage gun, it will need to go through the X-ray screening machine at the security checkpoint. You should remove the device from your bag and place it in a separate bin for screening.

Note It’s essential to note that TSA regulations can change, so it’s always best to double-check their website for the most up-to-date information.

Now, let’s discuss two more frequently asked and interesting questions that are related to massagers and flying with them.

Is there a TSA approved massage gun?

As we can see above, the TSA has a number of regulations regarding the transport of massagers on the plane. But are there TSA approved massage guns?

Well, no, there is no TSA approved certificate for massage guns specifically.

While some brands, like Hyperice, openly state that their products are TSA-approved, this only means that the device adheres to the general TSA rules and guidelines.

Additionally, the same rules apply to all massage gun brands, so we can assume that most massage guns currently on the market are TSA approved.

Can I use my massage gun during a flight?

The use of electronic devices, including massage guns, is generally not permitted during takeoff and landing or when the seat belt sign is on.

However, you may be able to use your massage gun during the flight if it is a long-haul flight and the airline permits the use of electronic devices. That is often the case but nevertheless, you should always check with the airline before using it.

In addition to the restrictions on the use of electronic devices, it’s important to be considerate of your fellow passengers when using a massage gun. The device can be loud and may disturb other passengers, so it’s best to use it discreetly or not at all during your flight.

If you need to use a massage gun during your flight for medical reasons, you might want to contact the airline ahead of time to discuss your needs and make appropriate arrangements.

Our Take

In summary, while massage guns are allowed on planes, it’s crucial to follow the TSA rules on removable and lithium batteries transportation. By doing so, you can enjoy the benefits of your massage gun while on the go without any stress or hassle.

Best Travel Massage Gun – Ekrin Bantam

If you’re looking for the best travel massage gun, try a travel-friendly gun that doesn’t compromise on power and performance; Ekrin Bantam.

This little guy is super small and lightweight, tipping the scales at just 1.1 lbs. But don’t let its size fool you – the Bantam packs a serious punch.

One of its killer features is its max speed of 3200 RPM, which means you can get effective percussion therapy on the go. And with more stall force than many full-size guns, you won’t have to sacrifice performance for portability.

Plus, it’s super quiet, so you won’t be disturbing anyone else while you use it.

The Ekrin Bantam comes with four attachments, including one soft head, and a convenient carry case to keep everything organized. And with USB-charging, you can charge it up from a power bank or a USB port on a plane, bus, or train.

Bantam is super small, lightweight, very quiet, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

But the best part? The Ekrin Bantam comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can use it with confidence knowing that it’s built to last. And while it’s perfect for travel, it’s also great as a daily massager, so you’ll get plenty of use out of it.

The Ekrin Bantam retails for $149.99, but if you use the code MGA20 at checkout, you can get 20% off, bringing the price down to just $119.99.

So if you want a powerful, portable massage gun that won’t break the bank, the Ekrin Bantam is definitely worth checking out.

Read More Our in-depth Ekrin Bantam review.

Traveling With Theragun

Are you a fan of Theragun and can’t imagine traveling without it? You’re not alone! This massage guns have become an essential travel companion for many people.

However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which Theragun is the best for travel. Don’t worry; we’ve got the answer!

These are the four Theragun massage guns available.

First things first, it’s essential to know that three out of four Theragun devices (mini, Prime, and Elite) have non-removable batteries, which means you can take them on a plane.

The Theragun Pro has a removable battery, but don’t worry. As we discussed before, it can also be taken on a flight. Just take the battery out and place it in a separate bin when scanning at the security check point ​7​.

Now, let’s talk about the best Theragun for travel – the Theragun mini!

The new 2.0 Mini is smaller than its predecessor by 30%, making it perfect for packing in your luggage without taking up too much space. It’s also as light as the Ekrin Bantam, weighing only 1.1 lbs.

What’s more, the new Mini is much quieter than before, ensuring you won’t disturb your fellow travelers.

And don’t be fooled by its size; the Mini does the job well with a 12mm amplitude and enough stall force to get your blood flowing after sitting in one position for a long time.

The new Mini also has three attachments, making it even more versatile, and USB-charging is added too. Plus, it comes with a protective pouch that fits into your bag perfectly.

The new mini is much quieter than before. It’s also smaller, but still do the job when needed.

If you prefer a full-size Theragun, we recommend Prime. It’s the smallest of the full-size Theraguns and comes with a pouch, making it easy to transport. However, it’s relatively noisy and not as portable as the Mini.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for the best Theragun for travel, we highly recommend the Theragun mini. It’s small, lightweight, quiet, and gets the job done well. But if you prefer a full-size gun, go for the Prime, and don’t forget to check TSA guidelines before your trip.


So, can you bring a massage gun on a plane? Yes, you can! Traveling with a massage gun on a plane is not a problem, as long as you follow TSA rules and regulations. Many passengers travel with massage guns nowadays (including us), so TSA officers are familiar with them.

However, it’s important to note that not all massage guns are created equal when it comes to travel.

While the larger devices, like Theragun Prime or PRO, may be more powerful and versatile, they are less portable and may be too noisy for fellow travelers.

On the other hand, the Theragun mini and the Ekrin Bantam are both excellent choices for travel, with the Mini 2.0 being smaller and quieter, and the Bantam offering a lifetime warranty and more attachments at a lower price point.

Happy travels and happy massaging!

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