A Guide To The 6 Best Theragun Alternatives in 2023

If you know the history of massage guns, you must have heard about Theragun. It has been one of the market leaders in percussion massage therapy at home. Over the past few years, there has been a remarkable improvement in percussive massage technology. The high price has always been an issue with Theragun, due to […]

Tebo Massage Chair Review & Chair Alternatives

Choosing a massage chair from different brands can be complicated, especially if information is hard to find. How can you tell the difference between different models that advertise similar features such as heat therapy, reflexology and 4D dynamic massage? We utilize our decades of experience selling high end chairs to review what’s available, in the […]

FitRX Massage Gun Review – Cheap, But Massively Underperforming

Hey there! Welcome to this FitRX massage gun review. We recently got our hands on this massage gun, also known as Tzumi or ProFIT massage gun, and we have to say, we’re not exactly blown away. This little guy might look like the high-end Ekrin, but it definitely doesn’t perform like one. We picked it […]

Itchy After Massage Gun? Here’s Why And What You Can Do

Itchy after massage gun? Well, you’re not alone! Itchy skin after using a massage gun is a common problem many people face. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Percussive therapy has a ton of benefits, so it’s natural to look for solutions to this itchy skin problem. Ideally, the itchiness goes away and you […]

Can You Bring A Massage Gun On A Plane? High-Flying Muscle Relief

Are you a frequent traveler who suffers from sore muscles and aches after long flights? If so, you may have considered packing your trusty massage gun in your carry-on bag. But wait, can you bring a massage gun on a plane? Short answer: Yes you can! But there are some rules and guidelines you must […]

Human Touch Super Novo Massage Chair Review & Massage Chair Alternatives

As Human Touch’s latest — and highest end — model of massage chair, the Super Novo boasts several unique features, including cold-touch acupressure, high-end Altec Lansing speakers and a Virtual Therapist powered by Amazon’s Alexa voice AI. All those features also make the Super Novo the most expensive chair that Human Touch offers. Are all […]

Daiwa Supreme Hybrid Massage Chair Review & Massage Chair Alternatives

Daiwa’s most recent massage chair, the Supreme Hybrid, is making waves as the brand’s most advanced, top-of-the line massage chair. The Daiwa Supreme Hybrid massage chair is most notable for its 49-inch L-track, which bends to allow for an inversion stretch that’s not achievable with traditional L-Track massage chairs. This innovative design comes at a […]

Sanitation Protocols Every Massage Therapist Should Have

Prevention Disinfectants, a new line from Virox Technologies provides the fastest, safest, and easiest methods to combat germs in your massage practice. This means that you have everyday confidence that your workspaces are disinfected with the highest standards of infection prevention… The post Sanitation Protocols Every Massage Therapist Should Have appeared first on MASSAGE Magazine.

Massage in Pain Management

Pain management is a complex issue that is the subject of much debate and scrutiny. Yet, pain is a significant public health issue affecting the quality of life for millions of people. This article explores the ways in which massage therapy is used in pain management plans and the potential benefits for your clients. The […]

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