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Back Massager, Acupuncture Electric Digital Therapy Neck Back Machine Massage Electronic Pulse Stimulator Body Care,White


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Power Source Corded Electric
Material Synthetic
Brand XiaoJun
Color White

About this item

  • Electronic pulses stimulate accurate pressure points and improve blood flow, relieve back pain, shoulder pain, muscle pain, etc. It helps you relax stress, eliminate muscle tension and fatigue.
  • Using acupuncture technology, easy to operate, the perfect combination of different pulse signals will make you feel the true feeling of acupuncture, touch, manipulation, cupping, massage and scrap.
  • Light weight, suitable for family, travel and office use, for gifts to your family and friends, for shoulder stiffness, nerve palsy, neuralgia, calf pain, general malaise, stomach pain, bad cold.
  • Safe and effective relief: The massager is a natural, non-toxic, used to relieve muscle irritation. It’s an easy-to-use muscle and electrical nerve stimulator with a large backlit LCD screen – just choose one of the modes and strengths you can carry with you. .
  • For those who want muscles to tighten and tighten, this device’s pattern stimulates muscles and improves muscle performance. 3. For those who travel, sedentary or need to enhance blood circulation, this unit contributes to the local blood circulation of the lower limb muscles.

Product Description

Name: Multi-function dual output massager
Power: AC 4.5v
Power 17 MA resistance load 1K
Dimensions: Length: 134mm, Width: 64 mm, Thickness: 20 mm
Storage and maintenance methods:
Machine cleaning: Wipe the machine with a soft cloth. Do not use thinner, gas or volatile liquids.
Storage: Keep the massager out of the reach of children. Keep away from wet places, high temperatures, direct sunlight or water.

1. Using digital technology, the physical factors required by the human body are converted into precise digital signals, and then the computer is comprehensively processed according to the needs of the human body to ensure the accuracy of the treatment and greatly improve the therapeutic effect.
2. Large LCD display, including intensity, function, mode, treatment, time, Chinese and English display system, meridian points, etc., set eight functions by yourself, easy to operate.
3. Use infrared electrode patch to cover a larger area.

Package Included:
1 PC multifunction machine
2 4-way electrode lines
8 electrode pads
1 USB cable
1 nose curing line
1 x user manual


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