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Twinklepoch Electric Lumbar Traction Device with Vibration Massage and Thermal Therapy Function


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Use for Back
Power Source Electric
Brand Twinklepoch
Color Black
Special Feature Heat

About this item

  • Why choose Lumbar Traction Device: 1)Relieves deep lumbar back pain tension 2)Improves the lower back flexibility 3)Corrects postural imbalances and restores the natural lumbar curvature 4)Help to reduce medications surgeries 5)Your in-home physical therapist (Saving you time and money). For some complaints of lower back pain / pinched nerves, thermal therapy and vibrating massage are recommended to relax muscles and nerves prior to traction.
  • Difference from the traditional lumbar traction: Fully open the 5 lumbar vertebrae by pushing the waist up and down repeatedly, relieve low back pain and tense back nerves. It is not a traditional fixed traction or straight traction, if you have sensitive nerves in your back, you may feel a little pain. We recommended to try the hyperthermia and vibration massage functions first, and then try the traction. Using 3-4 times per day help you relieve back pain and tension in the long term.
  • Comfortable Heating Therapy and Vibration Massage: The Device provides 3 adjustable temperature settings(45-65°C/113-149℉). 2 high power 3000RMP motors provide plenty of power. Comfortable heat and vibration frequency for quick relaxation of the lower back and muscles around the waist. It is more effective when used together with the lumber spine lift function. NOTE: The main function of this device is dynamic back stretching, the vibration massage is auxiliary function.
  • Easy to use: Traditional Lumbar Suspension Traction Belt and Lumbar Spine Inversion Table are very difficult and unsafe to use for people with reduced mobility. New generation of lumbar traction devices with One-click to activate 1 or 2 functions of them with the help of the controller, and the 15-minutes timer function allows you not to worry about excessive massage and lifting if you fall asleep during use.
  • Lumbar Traction Device is highly recommended to be used by: 1)Office Worker 2)Driver 3)Housewife 4)Heavy Lifting Athletes 5)Patients receiving chiropractic and PT treatment. If you are not sure if the device is suitable for you, please consult your physiotherapist before purchasing. Anything, we will provide a friendly 24-hour email service.

Product Description

lumbar traction device

Q: Why did back pain get worse with initial use?

A: People with back pain for more than a year, or those who lack back exercise, may experience back pain of varying degrees at the beginning of use, it is normal. This is temporary soreness due to lack of exercise in the muscles. Please suspend the traction and then perform heat therapy and vibration for 3-7 days, and the muscle soreness is relieved or disappeared before continuing the traction. Please try the lowest traction first at the beginning, slowly increase the intensity according to comfort.

lumbar pain relief
lumbar pain relief


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